Minggu, 15 Maret 2015

The Difference Habit Between Germany and Indonesia

In this case I would try to explain about the difference habit of Germany and Indonesia, where between both of these country I just want to explain 2 things that you must to know. Let’s get started :
1.      In Germany, generally they just eat hot food once specially for lunch. For lunch they usually have their own simple food, like potato, schnitzel, wurst, and salad. For breakfast and dinner they don’t eat the hot food but they just eat with bread. They don’t like eat too much like Indonesia people. While in Indonesia, they can enjoy the hot food anytime. In breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Indonesian people usually like heavy food in large portion with some of rich flavor.
2.      In Germany, they only taking bath once for 2 days. Why? Because the temperature is so cold, and the air is more dry than Indonesia. So if they often to taking bath their skin will be dry. That’s why they only once taking bath in 2 days. It difference with Indonesia where Indonesian people taking bath twice a day because of the temperature of air is different with Germany. The temperature of air is warm & hot, and of course because Indonesia is a tropical country. That’s why Indonesian people can taking bath maximum twice a day, or sometimes 3 times a day. 

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